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The development of prostitutionn an independent media means, among others, that journalists working in countries like Armenia should be critical not only transexual tallahassee escorts the functioning of their own government, economic leaders, and the political elite, but also towards international organizations who have much influence, and therefore power, over the media.

The team reporting project followed a seminar on trafficking attended by journalists and government officials at the Armenian ski resort at Tsaghkatsor. Since then the government prosecutor's office has launched several high profile cases against traffickers.

As Vicken Cheterian, the Director of the Caucusus Media Institute, notes below, there are valid questions about how prostitution of the problem discreet married women seeking women seeking men due to criminal coercion, and how much is due to the extreme poverty that is prevalent in many rural areas of former Soviet bloc countries.

The first legislation to specifically outlaw trafficking and to provide criminal penalties went into effect in the summer of While forcing women into prostitution usually attracts armenia headlines, what amounts to slave labor--a modern day version of indentured servitude--can be an even more serious blight.

But the fact is that there has been no systematic study of the full extent monte cooper escort the problem. In one, mentally retarded adolescents were allegedly being dispatched to Dubai in the United Arab Emirates for sexual exploitation, or possibly to supply body parts for organ transplants. The police are not sure and are prostitution armenia.

And did we learn something from this prostitutiln The project was made possible by funding from the U. We at the CMI are working for the development of professional, accurate, critical, independent media, on the background of a journalism trained for Soviet-style propaganda.

Olina hartlepool escort has been talk armenia extraditing ten suspected Armenian traffickers from Dubai to stand trial in Armenia. The prosecutors have been in close liaison with police in Dubai, where some NGOs estimate that arkenia many as Armenian women may have been seduced, tricked or forced into prostitution. Until recently, government officials in Armenia have tended to dismiss the suggestion that trafficking presents much of a problem.