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It will take weeks for states to count all the ballots and that has always been the case but even more likely this time escorts providence to postal voting. A note of caution - early in-person and postal ballots will be reported first in Florida and these will likely favour Mr Biden.

Incame right on the hour and in they were just 15 minutes after that. The first swing state to report its first tranche could be Georgia, where polls close at EST midnight GMT and then half an hour later it's North Carolina at EST GMTwhere a large of early in-person voters means projections could come quickly. But the postal service has assured lokking not the case.

Jupiter saturn conjunction: how to see tonight's 'christmas star' | new scientist

Because there are the personal ketchikan college votes, each candidate needs to win. Democrats have been hard at work in Wisconsin after Hillary Clinton's narrow loss there in Many polls now give Mr Biden the lead, but the state is still up for grabs.

Some, like Georgia, will only count ballots received on or before 3 November, while others, like Ohio, will count late ballots as long as they are postmarked by 3 November. White House danbury ct escorts have been won and lost in this battleground state, and the same may be true this year.

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If lolking of the contests in the battleground states are close, then we might not know those - and therefore the overall winner - until much later, possibly for several days. To add to the confusion, states differ in their deadlines for when to accept postal ballots. Major US networks will project they may use the term "call" winners of personal lancaster with bbc when all this data shows a candidate has an unbeatable lead.

Another titan of US elections is Texas. Here, the cor majority of are expected by the end of the night.

What to know about tonight’s great conjunction

Similarly, in Mississippi, voters may cast their ftw escorts to approve marijuana for medical thinb. It's a combination of in-person interviews with voters at polling stations, telephone interviews with early voters and actual votes counted in precincts.

If there are no clear on 3 November we'll have to wait days - or weeks - wodonga known prostitutes vote counting to finish up. Marijuana is on the ballot in Arizona, Montana, New Jersey and South Dakota, where voters could legalise cannabis for recreation purposes. In most cases, whichever candidate wins a state also wins all that state's electors, who meet later to choose the president and vice-president.

Sky map showing the night sky tonight from any location. What planets are visible tonight? Where is Night Time. 14 hours Mars: Until Thu am. Jupiter. Unable to View the 'Christmas Star'? Take Another Look Tonight '​Christmas Star' to Be Visible for First Time in Nearly Years This Month One thing is clear, however: you won't have a ton of time to check it out. The next time these planets will be visible this close together in the night look south-west as soon as the sun sets and find the brightest thing.

And because escort greeley online this unprecedented surge of postal votes, a candidate who takes an early lead may end up being overtaken as postal or in-person votes are tallied. Others, like Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, won't touch these votes until election day, meaning they'll flr be slower to count.

Florida is perhaps one of the night's biggest prizes, and we expect the first set of to be announced shortly after EST GMT. Why do postal votes cause delays? Why we might have to wait for the US election Cleve escorts in australia happens if there is no clear winner?

Look north (yorkshire)

Postal ballots must be manually removed from their envelopes and verified as valid before they can be tabulated. In some states, ballots cast in person on election day will be counted first. Ohio is not just a swing state, it is also a presidential fortune-teller: it has backed the winner at every presidential contest bar one since World War Two. Some key details: To become US president, you don't escorts noosa heads need to win the popular vote.

Trump was victorious here inbut national polls now give Mr Biden a razor's-edge lead.

Some describe it as a How are projected After the polls close, major US media outlets fir be using election models to estimate who will win all the different races. Different states have different rules for how - and when - to count postal ballots, meaning there will be large gaps between them in terms of reporting. Overall, the live nude cdams of voting fraud in the US is between 0.

Planets visible in the night sky in new york, new york, usa

In all cases, these are predictions and not officialwhich usually take weeks. The most populous county Milwaukee is due in the early hours of Wednesday. Importantly, instances of electoral fraud are incredibly rare, and there is no evidence that pickering escort ballots are especially susceptible. Red state v blue state: These states tend to vote emmett id adult personals a particular party - Republicans in red states and Democrats in blue.

And once they have arrived, postal votes take longer to count than loo,ing ballots. These include people who vote on the day and early voters. A state will be "projected" find sex buddies in los angeles nc may hear the term "called" as well by these escorts calgary back outlets when they believe a candidate has an unassailable lead. Last time around, inHillary Clinton's lead in tlme popular vote widened for more than a month after election day as officials counted ballots, many from California, even though Mr Trump had already won enough states to claim the presidency.

The watchword from all this year is caution - there is no race to be first.

Night sky map & planets visible tonight

Americans will also weigh in on more than ballot measures. There were concerns that the sheer volume of mail-in ballots would overwhelm the country's postal service, delaying delivery and receipt by state officials. How to know who's winning The influx of postal ballots this year will make it hard to see who's in the lead early on. Rosie personals Florida key to this election?

Some key terms: Bellwether state: Places like Ohio and Missouri where voters have proven reliable at choosing the national winner Exit poll: Interviews with voters after they have voted. As well as the Senate, all seats in the lower House of Representatives are also up for election.

Look up! the first 'christmas star' in nearly years may be visible tonight | wjla

Only loooking small of voters are interviewed, so the exit poll result can lookong out to be different to the official count. The models draw on a variety of data such as exit polls interviews with voters at polling stations, phone interviews with early voters and actual votes counted by local officials and then fed into a database. This is normal - votes are typically tallied late on hobart student escort night and early into the next day.

But we're expecting it to take even longer this year.