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How To Talk To Girls

How To Talk To Girls?

Learn how, through this fun and educational infographic by Joshua Pellicer of Tao of Badass. (Trust us, it’s really fun!)

Browse through the picture and at the end we’ll give you ‘more’ tips on How to talk to girls. We’re also gonna give you special link on where you can find a free short presentation revealing stealthy but non sleazy ways on how you can get the girl that you like.

How To Talk To Girls

Done already? It’s easy right? Knowing how to talk to girls. But, knowing how to talk to girls is just the first step. You also need to know what to say and what to do after to make any girl want to fuck you.

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Still here? Here are some tips on how to talk to girls.

How to Talk to Girls

Smile – Most guys approach girls and creep or scare them out. The reason is that they their faces don’t convey emotion. Smile a grin would be nice. If you aren’t used to smiling, even a slight smile would do.

Eye Contact – Look into her eyes and make it sexy. If she’s a really gorgeous girl and she has BIG assets then you might want to take a glimpse of those but not to a point where you look like a sexual predator. Again make it look sexy. A glimpse could to the trick. Look at her as if you really find her attractive. Look at her like you’re very confident of yourself and that you could get her.

Speak Louder – Speaking aloud is manly. But don’t go overboard and shout at her. Just enough so that you guys could hear each other and create a bubble between you guys not minding the people and the environment surrounding you.

Groom – This is basic. Take a bath, wear a deodorant, put on a cologne or perfume. This is not just for her, and for your first impression but also for you because you also need to take care of yourself and clean yourself at most everyday.

Be Presentable – Get a hold of the latest issue of magazines or check out the latest fashion blogs for the hip clothing for men. Invest in it because how people look at you is also related to how people will treat you. Look like a thrash and people may treat you like one. Look like a man and girls would treat you so.

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