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The Sexual Activation Blueprint is a program designed to get women to activate their sexual desire towards you.

The idea behind the program is that most men don’t know how to trigger a woman’s mind into having sexual desire towards you. They get stuck in the friend zone. Guys are treated like nice guys. Boys are now wussies or pussies. Now they complain that girls only like bad boys? But do they really?

This is because they don’t know how change a girl’s perception towards them as being just a friend to a lover. These guys don’t know the process on how they can make this girls’ pussy drip.

Now imagine if a girl doesn’t treat you that way. What if she treats you like the king you are? Think about her treating you like the man that she adores. What if you are the guy that she looks up to and wants to be in bed with?

If a man knows how to activate this part the female mind then he can make her to open up and fulfill her sexual desire towards you. This is what the Sexual Activation Blueprint is all about.

It is not just about jerks, douchebags, and playboys having the upper hand. It is not who they are that girls are getting attracted to them. There is just a certain characteristic about them that makes girls’ panties wet. Believe me when I tell you that you could do the same WITHOUT being a jerk. All you need to do is to provoke a part of the female brain to produce the same effect. Get women to be more sexual towards you and make them stop treating you like a second rate.

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Sexual Activation Blueprint

Just imagine having access to secret data about what makes women want to sleep with you. You’ll learn shockingly powerful and precise ways to make the girl you want sleep with you nearly on command.

Because this data is based on what real women thinks, it takes out all the guess work and for the first time. You’ll be able to see inside her mind and know what gets her red hot for sex!

1) Why every girl is different, this data exposes the startling blueprint that makes virtually all women want to sleep with you…

2) How to use “Predictive Behavioral Modeling” to know exactly what she wants and how to make her fuck in any situation…

3) Never get rejected by using the most proven techniques in the history of seduction and dating…

Now let’s talk about the one in number 2…

Predictive Behavioral Modeling

Predictive Behavioral Modeling (PBM) is the same technology insurance companies use to measure risk and that Google and Amazon use to predict exactly what you’ll buy next.

Now this technology is being used to know exactly what to say and do to make a woman want to have sex with you.

The exact behaviors that predict whether a woman will likely hook up with you are now possible.

  • 4 Steps to Get Physical (86% of women respond to 3 specific actions on a date)
  • 3 Keys to Close The Deal (1.8% boost on this “good reason why” to take her back to your place)
  • How To Increase Getting Her Number (2.3X boost when you do this)
  • 3 Attraction Fast Hacks, One Even Gets You a 164% Boost in Her Being Attracted To YOU

All of this is based on what women ACTUALLY WANT. You’ll be able to see and predict the simple things you can do to have her want to escalate to having sexual intimacy with you. All of this can be found inside the Sexual Activation Blueprint!

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By the way… I used the techniques at the mall this weekend. Walking by, I approached a girl working at the American Eagle store. In less than 10 minutes, I got her to take her break and go to the food court with me.

We had a quick bite and I used the tips inside the Sexual Activation Blueprint to get her hot and horny. I led her into a bathroom stall and did her from behind. When we were done, I slapped her on the ass while she was pulling up her panties. She smiled and walked back to work with her make-up a little smudged-up.

It was so quick and hot that it actually… felt… weird. But in a really GOOD way.

It sure beats wasting hours going on dates and spending tons of money on expensive dinners and gifts only to get a kiss on the cheek. Now you could experience this too using the Sexual Activation Blueprint!

What if you could walk into a bar and know exactly what the guys who get laid most say to women to make them go home with them? The secret words and phrases women just cannot resist that they’d normally never reveal. Well thanks to this secret data we’ve gained access to and analyzed, we know exactly what makes women want to hookup at the drop of a hat! Just click the button below to know more about the Sexual Activation Blueprint and its prowess.

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