How To Last Longer In Bed

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Last Longer In Bed Secret Tips

Still here? Let us give you some tips. Here’s what you need to know about how to prolong ejaculation.

last longer by having rock solid erectionsTake Your Time. One thing you can do in bed is to simply take your time. There’s no reason to get to the final act right away. You should concentrate more on exploration, touching, and just enjoying each other’s company. This will go a long way towards a more enjoyable time in bed. If you take your time you’ll learn more about how your body responds to sex and you

may be able to delay orgasm and have a longer session. Try to communicate your needs with your partner and just take everything slowly as it doesn’t have to be a big rush to the finish line when you’re having sex.

Make sure to satisfy her first. Another method is to satisfy the woman first and bring her to orgasm before you do. This provides her the pleasure she needs and allows you to relax a bit before you have your orgasm. Most men rush too much and by using this method you will last longer in bed. You should start out with oral sex or use sex toys to give your lady an orgasm and then switch over to regular sex.

Use the Stop and Start Method. One way to delay your orgasm is to use the stop and start method this is simply stopping your lovemaking when you feel an orgasm coming on. This allows you to relax and delays the orgasm. You can switch positions during the stop and start method.

end premature ejaculation with this sex medecine You should also go slowly during sex as this will decrease the sensations somewhat that you are feeling. Just remember to stop if you feel an orgasm approaching and then start again once the sensations have subsided.

This does take a bit of work to get good at but it can be one way you can learn how to last longer in bed.

Relax. Try not to think about your orgasm during sex and just enjoy the experience. Sex can be very much a mental experience as well as a physical one and by not thinking about the orgasm aspect of sex you may find it easier to last longer. If you worry about sex and your performance, this can translate to the bedroom and actually be a cause of your poor performance.

It can be better on the second round. Another way to last longer in bed is to have an orgasm and then relax for a period of time and try again. For men you’ll find that the second time around you will find it easier to last longer in bed because the pressure isn’t there and sex can be more enjoyable. delay ejaculation treatmentFor example, the woman can give you oral sex until you have an orgasm and then you can relax before trying vaginal sex. You will find it easier this way to last longer in bed as you won’t have as much pressure.

Exercise the PC Muscles. PC muscles are located between your urinary sphincter and the anus. When you are peeing you want to contract these muscles to stop the urine flow as this will show you where the muscles are. After this you can try a regular set of 15 repetitions per day and this will strengthen these muscles over time. By making these muscles stronger, you’ll get better blood flow to your penis.


How To Last longer in bed

You can last longer in bed. Try the techniques and see if they work for you. The best thing you can do is just take your time in bed and enjoy the entire experience. You will find that you can last longer in bed and have a more fulfilling sex life.