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How To Kiss A Girl

In this article, you’ll know about an effective way on how you can make out and know how to kiss a girl successfully and without rejection. The good news is that the upgraded version of this technique can even make the girl be the one taking action and going in for the kiss.

Most guys can’t escalate the situation because they’re just afraid to go in for the kiss. They are afraid to go for it because they don’t want to be rejected. It all boils down to this; they just don’t know how to kiss a girl.

Guy don’t like getting “the cheek” and for that we have this mind blowing how to kiss technique that would bring you to the result that you want.

How To Kiss A Girl

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How To Kiss

Why you are most guys afraid to be rejected when going in for the kiss? Let’s first take a look about some reasons on why men can’t even take action to go for a kiss.

  1. Guys don’t like to lose it with the girl. The girl MIGHT reject their kiss and they are afraid that they must need to start over again.
  2. Guys think that if they go in for the kiss and get rejected they would no longer have a chance on the girl. They would think that the girl is no longer interested on him and that they can’t get this girl to bed.

You see, a lot of men don’t really know how to kiss, because they happen so rarely and that they don’t have enough experience over it.

Even on a wild night where you might be having fun and you just don’t give f8ck and go in for what you like, a kiss may just even be a possibility… because you still don’t know how to kiss.

Normally, guys may encounter a number of these rejections and learn how to counter them. But the good thing is that we’ve (pick up community) have gone through these rejections and we found a way to successfully bypass the rejection and get you in right to the kiss.

Sounds Good? I think so…

The secret sauce behind this how to kiss technique is that you stealthily implant to her subconscious signals or that would make her want to kiss you.

Pretty wicked…

But beware, if you doubt then your chance may decrease because she may see you as not someone just faking it and not really that guy that she is hoping for.

She may see you as someone who is needy or someone who doesn’t really have that much option with women because if you did have a lot of fish to pick, you wouldn’t be anxious about the kissing her.

So how can we portray that we are definitely not needy (even if you somehow feel like you are) and administer an approach where you will no longer fear rejection because you are now for sure that she will want to kiss you?

We use what’s called The Kiss Technique.

The kiss technique involves two concepts that when combined creates a pretty powerful way to get the kiss.

How To Kiss through Triangular Gazing

Triangular Gazing covers looking from one eye to another, and then looking at her mouth.

Before you do this you must make sure that there’s enough comfort and rapport that is between you guys, doing it early on may somehow also make you desperate and doing it far beyond may make you a wussy because you don’t know WHEN to take action.

When you begin looking at her mouth, you will subconsciously jump off to think about kissing her, the reason for is that this action is already associated to the thought of kissing someone.

The good news is… you can lead her to subconsciously start to think about this and get her more attracted to you.

You will watch this if you want to know the simple easy trick to make women want you!

How To Kiss using Mirroring

Mirroring is what we subconsciously do to be a part of the group; we somehow mimic what the leader/alpha of the group do or say /discuss in order to gain rapport with them.

Every time you thoroughly mix mirroring and triangular gazing, you then have a fusion that would make her think and want to kiss you then and there.

Following the attraction stage and into getting to know each other, you would like to start to look at her mouth.

You don’t to somehow prolong it. You can maybe look at it for utmost TWO seconds and after that look back at her eyes. Alternate between her left and right eye and also to her mouth and hold for a little second longer.

Continue to go from left to right eye and back to her mouth for 2 seconds, 3 seconds, then 5 seconds.

Sooner or later, you want to be generally looking at her mouth.

By the time that she’s also looking at your mouth then you know that it’s time to go in for it and kiss her.

Poof! The Kiss Technique thrashes out all the “what ifs”, fears, and “I don’t know how to” when wanting to kiss a girl.

You will now know with absolute assurance the moments where she wants to kiss you. By then you will also have the confidence that she’s looking for in a guy and make you one irresistibly man to be with.

No man ever truly kissed her like that and by what you did, she knows that you’re someone whom she’d want to spend some time with.

A kiss is just a kiss and I know you want to level up your game and know how you can better the techniques on how you can make a girl beg for your kiss, and for this you’ll only need one weird trick to learn.

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