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How To Get A Girl Back

Want to know how to get a girl back? Studies have shown that most break ups happen before the holidays. If this happened to you we can help you out.

Check out this scenario. This guy wanted get back with her ex and marry her for good. Problem was she was about to marry her new fiancé… literally at the altar, seconds within the nick of time. Fortunately, this guy won and was able to profess his love once again and got the girl in the end.

how to get your girl back

That scene was from the movie called The Graduate. We all know how predictable these romantic comedy stories go but yet we’re still suckers for the plot where the girl and the guy win each other back no matter how unlikely the circumstances it is in real life.

But let’s look at it this way; is it really possible to get back with your ex outside fantasy romance land? Just like in the movies, we are all wishing of the day that we cross paths with our ex again. When that happens, we imagine sparks again will fly and fireworks would shoot from the sky.

Not! First, wake yourself up and stop watching too much Hollywood Romance. The scenarios of those kinds of stuff are unlikely to happen as a person betting his chances of getting rich with a lotto ticket. You should look at the situation honestly and ask yourself, would it really do me good to get myself back with my ex?

Looking at the sunny side however, the best part on how to get a girl back is the make-up sex. No, I’m just kidding. It’s not.

My point is that all relationships get better with age as wine gets better as it turns old. You can’t really begin to be grateful about the good times if it weren’t for the struggles you once had as a couple, right? It is for this reason that some relationships are much stronger the 2nd time around.

But before you really decide considering getting back with your ex, allow the emotions of desperation, neediness, drama and emotional hunger for love (or sex) to settle down. I know we’ve all had the experience of emotional jet-lag after a break-up. The best way to make a decision is to think with a clear mind and assess the situation in relation to your life.

Let me help you out with the decision-making process and then we can proceed with knowing how to get your ex girlfriend back.

How to get a girl back? The first thing to consider—know how the relationship ended.

Did you split over a huge fight when feelings were running high? Or did the relationship end over a long period of thoughtful planning? Reaching a mutual decision where “it’s really not gonna work out between us.”?

Both serve as a guide whether or not it is still wise to get back with your ex.

In relation to that, ask yourself the truth: is getting back with my ex really the best thing?

Sometimes as human beings as we are, we tend to make irrational impulse decisions based on our emotion. We make a decision only to regret it later. You really need to ask yourself, do I really even want her/him?

Is it the best course of action for the both of you? In relation to your life right now, will she/he be able to compliment or add value to your overall life and well-being as a person?

Don’t get caught up with emotions that tend to distort the realistic view of things. Dramas like, “I can’t find anyone better than my ex”, “He’s my soulmate”, and “we’re meant for each other forever and ever.” These are all statements that overvalue your ex because you fear never meeting anyone else better. The truth is there are thousands of people of the opposite sex other than your ex who can also be a better and future great partner.

Unfortunately, if you feel any of these hyped emotions, the hard truth is that you are better off with your ex.Don’t bother knowing how to get a girl back.

Just to share you a story, a woman friend of mine was convinced she wanted get her ex-boyfriend back. But as the aftermath of emotional upheaval ended, she found life better without him.

Treat this decision very seriously because the course of your life may depend on it.

The hardest thing on how to get a girl back is to decide whether or not you really need and want your ex girlfriend back. Afterwards, the rest is easy. You can get on with your life and live happy. Or, if you have decided that you may give it one more chance, wooing your ex back is easier than it may sound.

So how to get a girl back?

Check out these tips on how to get a girl back

how to get a girl back

You don’t need to play games or threaten your ex to get back at you. Click here to watch the video that reveals how you can easily get your girlfriend back smoothly.

Never beg

Beggars are disgusting. It is plain and simply that. It is human nature for people to shoo away from people who are desperate, needy and clingy. Your goal is to still have your dignity intact and to not her make her feel sorry for you. This again builds attraction.

You may have pre-maturely ended your potentially wondrous relationship with your ex. This is the reason all the more you should aim for a sweeter comeback.

Discuss your honest and well valued thoughts with your ex and communicate as a calm, understanding and listening adult.

Leave game playing at the playground

Playing games is not a good way on how to get a girl back. Things like making her jealous and pretending that you are dating someone may blow off your chances if you really want to seriously get back dating with your ex.

Forcing your ex through emotional blackmail.

Again, this is the wrong way on how to get a girl back. The only thing that you’re projecting to your ex is what a selfish brat you are with your screaming, crying and threatening. No one wants to be forced against his or her will. Ultimately, this tactic is relationship suicide. Not only will you show the ugliest side of you and reinforce her thoughts of why she broke up with you in the first place, she’ll not want to be friends with you anymore. Definitely not a cool way on how to get a girl back.

Your actions speak the loudest.

We are always selling ourselves to others especially if we’re trying to get back with our ex. Therefore, take careful thought about the stuff that she complained about you when you were together. And then, show her through your actions instead of just words that you have changed. If she said you never listened to her thoughts and feelings, are you already a person who listens to her genuinely? What If she says that you were inconsiderate and insensitive, are you now caring, gentle and thoughtful? If your ex doesn’t believe it and thinks you’re putting up a front act, tell her you have completely resolved to change for the better. If possible, share stories of the efforts you needed to do to change your old habits. This is how to get a girl back.

How to get a girl back? Open up to her

Apologize and say sorry.

A guy I worked with told me how he wanted her ex girlfriend back. I immediately knew from reading his e-mail that said “…she always told me I could never admit being wrong.” I found that this was the key. I suggested he stop being so full of himself and apologize to her as personal as possible—either through writing or by phone.

Fortunately, it worked. He’s so happy that the last time I caught up with him they are still happily together and been going steady for the past 2 years.

How to get a girl back? Sorry is one of the hardest words to say but one of the most important words to learn practicing. People feel valued, understood and respected. Apologizing is a definite trait you must learn to have if you want to keep long term relationships.

Don’t be afraid to go sweet and romantic with your ex

If you have genuine feelings with getting back with your ex, this should come off very easy and sincere. After all, you know your partners wants and what makes her bubble up. You could also paint emotional pictures and tell her all the good times you once had and tell her that you plan on continuing more fond memories with her. Try it, this method on how to get a girl back works.

Letting go of the past

This may be one of the most powerful things you could do on how to get a girl back. Your ex might have dumped you for a number of reasons and he or she felt right in doing so. Whatever the reason may be, resolve to completely not bring it up and talk to her about it…whatever it is.

Don’t harbor feelings of resentment or anger as this would only worsen the situation. Talk about the past insofar as only necessary. Resolve not to blame them for stuff that already has been done and dealt with. This is not the way on how to get a girl back.

Instead, talk to your ex how you still would love a future with them. Tell her you don’t want her to be seen as an ex, but your current new partner. Try not to bring up what was already gone but instead tell her how things would be better the 2nd time around.

how to get a girl back? try out all the 7 tips and ways on how to get your ex girlfriend back. But always remember, love is a two-way street. If they’re not willing to meet you halfway, then he or she doesn’t deserve you. It’s time to move on because you will definitely come out stronger and better than before.

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