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How To Arouse A Woman: Chris Nova Shows You The Techniques To Arouse A Woman

By: Chris Nova

Want to know how to arouse a woman? Arousing a woman is one of the few areas where men have NO IDEA what they’re doing!

The first thing you need to know is that women are stimulated mentally before any true physical stimulation can occur.

And since this is something that most men don’t know, there are a lot of sexually frustrated women out there… which is actually good news!

If you can MENTALLY stimulate a woman first, she will be IRRESISTIBLY attracted to you.

How To Arouse A Woman

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And that could ALREADY be enough to get her to come home with you.

I’ll get into the “bedroom escalation” techniques in a second, but first, let’s jump in on how to sexually stimulate a woman mentally.

To accomplish this, sexual innuendo is KEY!

How To Arouse A Woman

If you can playfully arouse a woman by suggesting “naughty” things are going to happen between the two of you, then you have accomplished two things:

1) You have built up the sexual tension between the two of you, and

2) Now she is now thinking of you two hooking up, which is where you want to be.

“Woman are stimulated MENTALLY first before any type of true physical stimulation and pleasure can occur.”

It’s also imperative that you get her comfortable with your TOUCH…

Your touching should come off natural.

Don’t force it.

But don’t overdue it because she doesn’t know you… yet.

The more confident you are expressing yourself, the more the comfortable she will be for you to do things such as touching her.

Also make eye contact and smile.

Looking into a woman’s eyes is key because it not only shows her that you’re interested, but it also creates an invisible “bubble” around you to.

This bubble shuts out everything else around the two of you, and this can only lead to good things.

When you’re able to isolate a woman, it’s the best thing for you, because she’s not thinking about any other guy in that moment.

We’re going to go more in depth about all this stuff in our eBook, but let’s just assume for now… you’ve taken her home, she’s now in your bedroom, and you want to arouse her.

Make sure your dirty laundry isn’t scattered all over the floor, keep your place clean and organized, the look of your house/bedroom is a reflection of yourself.

One great way to sexual arouse a woman, right away, is to offer to give her a massage… this will immediately create sexual tension.

Another great way is to play some chill music, that you’ve already set up, as this will set a great mood.

And lastly, lighting. Lighting is CRUCIAL to setting the mood. It’s something so simple, yet so powerful.

Some more tips on How To Arouse A Woman

So now that you know How To Arouse A Woman, here are a few Quick Tips to melt her down:

  • Sexual Innuendo- not to the point where it’s vulgar, but if done right and with a smile on your face, you will always leave her wanting more.
  • After you’ve attracted a woman, get your lips as close to her lips as possible when you’re talking, without actually kissing her! This will drive her wild.
  • Make eye contact and smile. Create that bubble.
  • Setting up the lighting in your room, so it sets the mood.
  • Take what you’re doing to the HEIGHT of its’ sexual excitement before moving on… For example: make out with the beautiful woman you’re with, with intense passion, throw her up against the wall, and touch her sensually BEFORE ever taking off her clothes.

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