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Does Money Make You More Attractive?

Can having more money mean the difference between attracting a regular chick versus a bombshell?

Does Money Make You More Attractive

What do you think will it take for an average Joe to snag a chick like Kate Upton? I’m sure most average looking men have that enigmatic question in mind whenever we see a lass hooked up with a junkie looking bozo like that from the movie “Albert”. Later on we realize that that bozo is a multibillionaire. Feeling hopeless, we can’t help but ask, “Do you really need to be Donald Trump or Hugh Hefner to become a very attractive chick magnet?”

It is true. You will definitely send more women flocking to your doorstep if they see you own a Mercedes, sponsor a charity event or buy everyone in a social function a Martini. Women, in more ways than one, perceive the amount of a success a man has as a symbol of power, confidence and status. Women, at their very core, would desire a man who is successful. In contrast, men on first hand basis judge women based on their looks and we desire a very attractive lady as well.

We can bet supermodels wouldn’t clamor for the likes of Donald Trump if he was just a dishwasher. Replace his Versace suit and $100 Signature Pink and Silk tie with a hairnet and apron, and suddenly you’ll never hear news of divorce, scandal or number of mistresses from him again. Therefore, money, riches and power can really make a lot of difference on how to attract a girl. And I mean, A LOT.

But will a woman fall deeply in love with someone she was initially attracted to because of money? Let’s put it this way, funny as this may sound, will it be possible for you to fall deeply in love with a woman if what caused you to like her in the first place was her breasts?

Well that’s actually a bit edgy. But to put it in a more wholesome context, if you hear different kinds of men from teenage boys to husbands they say it in a different way but in the SAME context “What made me fall in love with Carol was her blue eyes and smile.” or a scale higher “Tasha just had that thing going with her long legs.

See? The same goes for money. Conveying wealth and abundance projects power and security to women and that’ sends a really strong attraction signal. The Science of Attraction has a way of bringing two complete strangers from casual chit-chat to flaming sex and then lasting love. Wonderful isn’t it?

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But let’s look at a more logical way of looking at the Science of Attraction when it comes to the attraction response of money with women. How much priority does a woman give and to what degree does she consider dating someone, when it comes to a man’s benjamins?

Research shows the fact that both men and women find having good looks as a common breeding ground for attraction. Long term dating however, is more difficult to be objective at, but studies show that women highly prefer men who can provide but at most have a healthy income and high status.

Why so?

We have to understand that deep inside ourselves there is an ingrained habitat for human beings, both men and women alike, that dates back to the time of our evolutionary belongings. The Parental Investment Theory of all living creatures states that parents expend a certain amount of time and energy to their offspring according to the role, responsibility and obligation they play in the wellbeing of the family. In this case, mothers play the role of overall nurturer and caretaker of all babies and offspring. Therefore it is in their highest regard and instinct to ensure that her brood has adequate food, shelter and resources to live in.

Does this make sense? We may not be apes and animals anymore but nevertheless our survival instincts still kick in the same in this modern world. Women feel comfortable with men whom at least they know can provide for a family and have a certain favorable reputation among friends, the workplace and the society (status).

So if a bombshell falls in love with a rich and powerful older man, do you think the love would last? Who knows? Maybe.  Maybe not. There really is no guarantee in telling if it would last. We can play the game of how to attract a girl on the outside: what makes women tick, what makes them turned on and attracted etc. But in the inside, relationships are a whole new, totally different game to play.

If you can honestly say you have the wealth and the cars to show its true but don’t have the good looks, I have good news for you… beauty fades but compound interest accrues.

Sigh, I was really thinking supermodels had it all but that’s a good thing for us, isn’t it?

If you don’t have Donald Trump’s bank balance or at least a car, a house and a healthy stable income to show, then you’re either broke or lazy! One thing I advise you—get a life and start setting big financial goals for yourself! This is for the chicks and the women man. C’mon, be a man and start rolling up your sleeves and at least make something worthwhile out of your life.

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