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Can Science Spell the Perfect Online Dating Message?

The Internet Dating Game has offered a whole new way of looking into the Science of Attraction between Men and Women. Though the birth of social media and social networking has rather made people’s communications more impersonal, it had certainly helped cut through the “smoke screen” of what really matters most in the mating game.

Online Dating

With the mix of Science, Internet and Online Dating, has it really come into notion that a perfect online dating message can indeed exist? Researchers Valentin Schondienst and Linh Dang-Xuan who previously conducted a study in 2011, suggest it might just indeed exist. How to attract a girl or a man successfully in the Online Dating Arena may mean decoding what really makes the opposite sex respond when it comes to social media.

Using more than 100 dating profiles, they carefully crafted messages to more than 100 men and women and here’s what they found out about what they discovered in the perfect online dating message:

First impression lasts
Your picture is the very first thing people look at and is therefore the very first means of communication through online dating. How can you even utter a word and show how articulate you are if your profile picture is a slouch?

To back this all up with proof, scientists found that your pictures play an important role whether or not you’d get a reply from your message. Generally we want to see pictures that look attractive. That means showing you’re not a fake person, you’re the happy outgoing type and you look like someone comfortable to be with.

Unfortunately, research shows that women care less about your photos than men do. That doesn’t end there of course. You can always make up by having a great sense of humor. Decoding the perfect online dating message takes different strokes for different folks (see below).

You’re Hotness Factor
Science of Attraction states that the more attractive a woman is, the less likely she is to respond. Isn’t that obvious in today’s modern world? Thank you, Science, that didn’t really help much at all.  For the Ladies however, attractive men are more receptive when it comes to the online dating game which makes your options more wide open.

Worry not, men, check out this slightly controversial research about what can give you an edge towards attracting a very attractive babe.

Brevity is a killer
Why? It shows you’re a stoic and boring person who doesn’t care. Surprisingly, scientists discovered that the more emphatic and longer your initial messages are, the more likely it is that attractive women would reply. Don’t just do more word count for the sake of it, but be genuine. All women like men who are sensible and gentle.

However, don’t go writing TOO long. Yes, it takes energy to type, say and share more things under the sun but don’t go overboard. Just be genuinely interested about her and build from there. You don’t want to sound like you are even more talkative and wordy than the average female.

“I am the Star here, not you.”
Let’s face it. It is an unspoken objection women say to themselves if you go on and on trying to bore and impress her with more of you, you and you.

Women love to hear about themselves—ALL the time. So how do you communicate over the perfect online dating message that you are not an egotistical maniac? Lessen the words “I” or “me”.

Center your attention upon getting to know more about her. Your fancy footwork has its place in the online dating game but in its initial stages build a connection by discovering things about her and finding common ground and referring to common interests with “We” instead of “I”.

(Giving compliments are like icing on a cake or sweet notes in a musical melody, they work great with women. This is a completely different study into the realm of female psychology. )

More Fancy Tips
If you’re a perfectionist spend some time into crafting the perfect online message by these 3 innuendos that portray yourself as Mr. Right:

  • Social Status innuendo- use words and tell stories about your reputation but don’t sound selfish and narcissistic. Your social dominance tells about the influence you have in your job, your group, your friends and your place in your social circle of friends—are you the life of the party? Or the introvert type?
  • Being responsible innuendo- use words that portray you are ambitious and hardworking. Oddly enough, it is surprising to be aware that women get turned off when men talk about “having fun” or “hanging out”. They don’t want to see you as a hippie or a bum. Rather, you want to show you have long term potential as a mate by showing to them you are a man with goals and dreams.
  • The Optimist innuendo- People flock to a person who is positive most of the time. Observe those who get the most success in life and you’ll notice these men and women are the happiest and most successful people on earth. So use words that suggest you have a great positive outlook towards life—show humor, confidence and a great attitude.

How to Attract a Girl with the means of unlocking the Perfect Online Dating Message has never been this easy. Try it out! I’m sure using at least half of these tips would ensure the best shot of getting a response back. Don’t try too hard. Just be yourself and Relax.

If it sounds complicated I know because most people feel exactly the same. Don’t worry; I felt the same way when I first discovered all of these. But what I found to make myself confident when it comes to the Online Dating Game is a SYSTEM that puts it all together. This NEW discovery and research into women reveals just that!

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