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The Automatic Sexual Chemistry – Make Her Fall In Love With You In One Single Conversation

The Automatic Sexual Chemistry is a revolutionary new seduction system for men that give you the power to seduce any woman you want and make fall in love with you. All you have to do is to follow a few simple steps.

It has nothing to do with spending money, or going on dates, or being “friends” with at first…

Make Her Fall In Love With You Using The Automatic Sexual Chemistry

During the course of one single conversation you can learn how to lead any woman through six sequential steps that will trigger feelings, emotions, and chemical reactions in her brain that will make her feel massive “sexual chemistry” with you.

Follow these six easy steps, in order, and you will not only get laid as much you want, with the girls you want the most… Click Here to know about the steps.

You will also “re-wire” the brains of the women you seduce, so that they literally become addicted to you.

Once a guy uses the Automatic Sexual Chemistry. to complete the seduction, HE has the power to decide what happens next.

Does he want to continue using this system. to bed new women, every night of the week?

Does he want to use it to build a rotating harem of women, who all want to spend the night with him again when he is available?

Or does he want to focus his powers on one AMAZING woman, and make her his loyal, loving girlfriend?

Automatic Sexual Chemistry not only teaches you the six steps, it also explains the PSYCHOLOGY behind why these steps have such a powerful effect on women. You will discover exactly what is HAPPENING (on a biological, hormonal, psychological, and sexual level) when you lead a woman through the six steps.

98.7% of guys out there don’t have a “plan” when it comes to seducing women. They wing it. And while they might get lucky here and there, they lack consistency.

The Automatic Sexual Chemistry is a hands-free seduction system!

Because it has been PROVEN that if you lead a woman through a sequential six-step process (which you can learn in minutes), she will be irresistibly attracted to you, and feel comfortable with the idea of having sex with you.

The vast majority of men in today’s dating scene feel powerless…

The Automatic Sexual Chemistry. is the key to empowering you and making you feel UNSTOPPABLE, because now you will have a 6-step gameplan “hard-wired” into YOUR brain.

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The 6 Steps Inside the Automatic Sexual Chemistry System

1. Conquer Your “Approach Anxiety”

Approach Anxiety is your natural fear or hesitation about striking up a conversation with a beautiful woman, whether it’s in a bar, on the street, at a coffee shop, or anywhere else.

This fear/hesitation is wired into YOUR brain, because of evolutionary reasons. The A.S.C. system explains the reasons behind this (which are kinda shocking, but they make total sense once you learn about it)…and it also shows you how to instantly “re-program” yourself to overcome your approach anxiety permanently.

2. Learn the correct Approach Techniques and Conversation Starters

Automatic Sexual Chemistry gives you proven, field-tested “openers” that you can use to start a conversation with a woman ANYWHERE. And then, you’ll learn a few simple tricks to “transition” into a conversation with her in a way that feels totally natural. In other words, she won’t have any idea that you’re “hitting on her.”

She will see you as a cool, fun, interesting guy whom she is curious to know more about. She will WANT to keep talking to you. And that’s when you need to…

3. Make Her Feel Comfort With You

Most guys who study seduction materials SKIP this step, and it destroys their chances. It’s why a girl will suddenly say to you “It was nice talking to you, but I need to go find my friend.”

Or, it’s why a girl will give you a phony phone number…

Or give you a REAL phone number, but then make excuses when you contact her to see her again.

Women need to feel a certain level of comfort with you before they feel ready (and eager) to be seduced. This step of the Automatic Sexual Chemistry is critical. It’s super-easy to master this step once you learn a few simple secrets…and this will give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over all the other guys out there!

4. Create Attraction

Making a woman feel attraction towards you is NOT what you think it’s about. It’s actually easier than you think, once you understand how the female brain is “hard-wired.”)

5. Use Rapport Tactics & Qualification

(Building “rapport” with her means making her feel that the two of you are “on the same team”…and that you understand her like no other guy does. “Qualification” means subtly teasing her and testing her, to make her feel the need to impress YOU and win YOUR approval.)

6. Sexually Escalate and Close The Deal.

This is where the average guy usually runs into huge roadblocks. He could be chatting to a girl all night, getting along great with her, but he’s afraid to “make his move” because he doesn’t want to blow it with her.

But when you learn 6th step of the Automatic Sexual Chemistry, you will know how to gradually escalate with a woman in a way that is totally “stealth.”

You will warm her up to the idea that the two of you share “sexual chemistry”. This interaction SHOULD naturally lead to sex. Any “mental barriers” she has about hooking up with you TONIGHT will be forgotten.

What’s Inside The Automatic Sexual Chemistry?

Automatic Sexual Chemistry

  • The Automatic Sexual Chemistry Main Course: Over six hours of audio training + full transcriptions, explaining each of the six steps
  • Bonus #1 is “From Friend To Girlfriend” – Find out how you can  bust out of the friend zone and make her desire you. An even better approach is to not even get to the friend zone. Skip it all together and be her lover.
  • Bonus #2 is “The Boyfriend Annihilator” (how To make her forget her boyfriend and only want YOU)
  • Bonus #3 is “Body Language Seduction Secrets” – There’s nothing more charming than a guy who knows how to handle himself. It’s not just how you say things, how you do things also plays a big part. Learn the ways on how alpha males move to project attractiveness towards the opposite sex.
  • Bonus #4 is “Supreme Sexual Confidence”. Project an aura most girls will crave for. Approach women that you desire without nervousness and you will get them every time.
  • Bonus #5 is “Read Her Mind And Make Her Yours”. In this part you will learn what’s going on inside her head. Is she attracted to you? Are you on the verge of being rejected? If you know what’s going on in her brain then you know how to handle the obstacles that could follow.
  • Bonus #6 is “Rapid Sexual Escalation”. What if you can Bang Her TONIGHT? You will learn the steps of doing fast seduction. If you want one night stands then this section is highly helpful.
  • Bonus #7 is “Conversation Mastery” – If you keep running out of things to say to women then this is for you. Get to keep the conversation going. Avoid awkward moments. Get her wet just by mere talking to her.
  • Bonus #8 is “How To Seduce 9s and 10s” – Learn advanced tactics to use on hard-to-get women. If you see women that can be considered as head-turners or bombshells then this section will help you seduce them. Get to know the ways on how to attract women that are considered out of your league.
  • Bonus #9 is “The Sex God Blueprint” – In this section you will learn about tips & tricks to rock her world in bed. Remember that if she’s satisfied then you’re satisfied too. It’s a two way street. Make her feel loved and you will be loved too.
  • Bonus #10 is one free month of VIP access to The Mastermind Club, which is a “private vault” that filled with secret reports, videos and audio coaching sessions from the world’s top seduction experts.

If you have trouble seducing women then Automatic Sexual Chemistry will to help you seduce more girls and get better success in your approach. Finally, you’ll have the opportunity to know all the seduction secrets at the palm of your hands. All you need to do is to click the button/link below to get it.

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