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5G Male Supernatural Performance Enhancer Supplement

Most guys get insecure about their dicks or cocks. We somehow kind of envy those above average penises and somehow want that kind of size. Others last long and we want that kind of performance too.

We live in a world where science and technology has advanced that they have answers to our problems. What we’re going to discuss now is this supplement that I’ve discovered just a few weeks ago. It’s called 5G male. It helped me in a lot of ways a lot of times. I’m here to tell you about it and how it can be your go to partner in bed and life.

What is 5G Male?

5G Male uses five main ingredients, all starting with the letter “G,” and is based on a formula published in 2010 that has received over 90 pages of incredible comments and testimonials.

It has an improved upon the formula by using high quality ingredients and vitamins that scientific studies have shown aid bioabsorbtion.

Since arousal is mental as well as physical, we further improved the original formula with Rhodiola Rosea, a rare Siberian herb which enhances relaxation, reduces stress and wasn’t available in the west until a few years ago.

The main five ingredients can help improve blood flow in the body, strengthening veins and acting as a vasodilator, a similar strategy to prescription options on the market.

Below is a full list of ingredients, along with studies that help show their effectiveness and links to original content and research articles…

Inside the 5G Male

5G Male Supernatural Man Supplement

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A key ingredient in garlic is allicin. Allicin helps keep the inside of blood vessels and arteries clean, which can vastly improve blood flow. 

One study done by LA Biomedical Research Institute at UCLA on men aged 55+ found that Garlic helped keep arteries clear in humans. 


In one double-blind, placebo-controlled study, 45 men who said they were suffering from “moderate to severe [performance issues]” reported bigger, stronger erections and more “sexual satisfaction” after taking ginseng.

In another study, this time with 60 men who said they suffered from issues with sexual performance also said they experienced a sudden surge in erection strength and duration of erections after taking ginseng.

5 studies on over 300 men have shown that ginseng can also increase your sperm count.

Ginko Biloba

One study done by University of California found that ginkgo leaves can improve blood flow to the penis by expanding your blood vessels.

An ingredient in ginko, called terpenoids, can make your blood “less sticky,” helping it flow faster. Ginko also releases nitric oxide into your blood, which can further strengthen blood flow…

Dr. Richard P. Brown, a professor at Columbia University, said…

“[Ginko] leaf extract is being used to [improve performance] in men… increasing the body’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual stimulation… [it] also enhances the effects of nitric oxide… which helps relax artery walls, allowing more blood flow into the penis…”


A naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist Lindsey Duncan, says ginger “can be used to promote circulation” and a study at Aga Khan University Medical College found ginger may act as a vasodilator, expanding your blood vessels to help blood flow.

Green Tea

Green tea contains an ingredient known as EGCG. EGCG can be great at strengthening the blood vessels.

Boston University School of Medicine study found anti-oxidant rich foods like green tea gave men stronger erections.

Green tea also contains nitric oxide, which Dr. J Cartledge at St James’s University Hospital says is the “principle agent responsible for relaxation of penile smooth tissue.”

One study done on over 15,000 men found that those who drink multiple cups of green tea a day not only live longer, but are more likely to have healthier hearts.

Rhodiola Rosea

Dr. Philip R. Muskin, a professor at Columbia University and the chair of the APA, says rhodiola appears to be amazing at “enhancing sexual function” and “improves satisfaction, pleasure, erections and response to orgasms.”

In one study, done on 35 men, who said they were suffering from sexual performance issues, 74% said they saw “significant improvement” in sexual function after taking rhodiola.

Saratikov AS, Krasnov EA. Chapter VIII: Clinical studies of Rhodiola. In: Saratikov AS, Krasnov EA, editors. Rhodiola rosea is a valuable medicinal plant (Golden Root). Tomsk, Russia: Tomsk State University Press; 1987. p. 216-27.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is found to double the power of the nitric oxide in garlic. 

What’s good about 5G Male?

The science of attraction is not just about attracting the girl. It’s also about keeping her. If you can’t get her satisfied then you can’t blame her if she leaves. The 5G male solves that problem. This keeps you on your toes and your game on point.

Shorter Down Time

The refractory period is where dicks go limp after having an orgasm. Others can bring it up almost after but most males need to wait hours and sometimes a whole day. With 5G male you can shorten that to around 30 minutes. With that you can have long lasting sex all night long. Yo can even bypass the period and still be stiff after having an orgasm.

Rock Hard

You won’t just get an erection. You will get a full hard on erection. You’ll fill her pussy with your entire package bursting to its full potential.

And get this your bullets will be fully loaded unlike before. All your juice will be overflowing. Imagine that combined with hers. You’ll have best and dirtiest sex imaginable. You won’t get that just by being normal. Normal sucks. 5G Male brings you to the top.

More Energy and Good vibes.

5G Male doesn’t just revolve around your life inside the bedroom. It also plays a vital role outside. You get more things done. A livelier attitude everyday and it just keeps adding up. You have more energy to push your way through the day. It gives you more vibrancy to your life. You get to do a lot more, in a short time, in a relaxed but energetic way. It’s like being in the flow with everything. Things are just the way they are to be with 5G Male.

Where to get 5G Male?

You can check if the 5G Male is available HERE. As an added information, the 5G male is only distributed by a few accredited distributors. You can’t find it anywhere else. You can’t find it at your local drugstore. Here’s the LINK again where you can get your hands on it.

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