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How To Get Any Girl: New Accidental Discovery Exposes How The Female Brain Can Be “Programmed” to Desire Any Male

How to get any girl? Can you make any girl want you using mind bending tricks? Can you make any girl obsessed  over you using a loophole in female psychology?

Seattle, Washington – Years of biological study has lead one group of researchers to determine that the “desire sector” of a woman’s brain can be programmed, at will, like a computer.

It sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, but researchers confirm that the female brain can, indeed, be programmed exactly like a computer to desire any male.

How To Get Any Girl

The interesting thing about this discovery, besides the fact that it was completely accidental, is that once this aspect of the female brain is programmed to desire a male, it doesn’t matter what that male actually looks like – tall, short, fat, skinny, muscular, or ugly.

In other words, once this “switch” in the female brain is turned on it doesn’t matter if you have Brad Pitt looks with Donald Trump’s money or if you’re a fat construction worker living in a tiny mobile home – she will want you just as much.

How To Get Any Girl

The research – outlined in this video here – shows how a combination of body language, social mechanics, and verbal cues, when applied correctly, will switch on the part of a woman’s brain that makes her desire a male.

Researchers say that this desire, “Acts almost like an addictive drug, making the woman desire the male so completely, that she will do anything to be with him.”

However, researches emphasize that it’s not as “sci-fi” as it sounds. “We are all just biological creatures who have developed similarly over millions of years of combined evolution. Because of this we all have biological triggers. Certain smells make us hungry, certain situations make us feel a particular emotion, certain substances carry a statistically higher rate of addiction.”

The study goes on to state, “The human brain is a biological computer and, just like any computer, it can be programmed and manipulated. By performing the perfect combination of actions we discovered, any male can create intense desire within any female – it’s just a biological trigger, it’s a reality of existence.”

The video, which can be found here – has been making its rounds on the Internet. This has been going on since researchers released it a couple of days ago. In that time it has become a viral phenomenon.

However, with that popularity has come a lot of backlash. Feminist groups have already begun lobbying to have the video taken down. Aside from that online petitions have already accumulated hundreds of thousands of signatures. This means that they want to have the study buried from public view. If this pushes through the video might come down too. You may not have the chance to see it again if it happens. Click Here to watch it now.

It seems as though feminist groups and women in general don’t like this idea. They don’t like the idea that any man using these techniques can create desire within them instantly. They don’t like you to know how to get any girl you want with just a flick of a finger. The good news is that it is now here and there’s no stopping. We can share this to you right now and they can’t do anything about it.

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Dating Advice For Men

The most frequent question that you probably ask to your friends that are good with women is how do we really attract women? What are the best flirting tips and dating advice for men?

Your friends might tell you to “just be yourself”. Indeed good to hear, but bad advice.

With that, here’s the first practical dating advice that we can give you. There’s so much dating advice out there that you may get overwhelmed or even misinformed on what is really working versus fluff advice. Be open to dating advice, but also be weary if it is actually effective or not. Get effective dating advice for men. Click Here.

Dating Advice For Men

What Dating Advice For Men Do They Really Need?

Let’s step back for a moment and discuss your thoughts about dating.

In reality, most of the men that are looking for dating advice are really looking for advice to get that “one” girl that they really like.

They aren’t really looking to have casual sex from time to time (but that is welcomed by some). What most men are looking for is advice to have that girl that they could have a long term relationship with.

When guys are looking for dating advice for men they may stumble into two categories: The Dating Advice for men that advocates the “get laid tonight fast and easy” attitude or the Dating Advice for men that gives you the cold hard truth and the practical, realistic, and effective ways for you to become attractive to the opposite sex.

You need to watch out for the former. There’s no easy fix with dating. Overall change is needed towards becoming the better and attractive you.

Watch out for these kinds of “dating advice” (if you can still call them advice).

    • Works Overnight Advice – There’s no overnight success! Everyone knows that. No one losses weight overnight, no one gets rich overnight, no one gets successful overnight. Everything is an effect of the process one has to go through in order to be successful. They dedicated time and energy to improve themselves. This works the same with women and dating, you have to dedicate time and energy to become a better you, to become the attractive you.
    • No Need To Approach Advice – Women would be the one approaching you! You don’t have to do any work. Come to think about wouldn’t it be fun and easy if women would be the one doing the approaching instead of us men. Sadly real life doesn’t work that way.
    • Hypnotically Make Her Attracted to You Advice – Works like magic! We always want that easy fix. Do you really want to resort to sleazy tactics just to “manipulate” women into getting attracted to you? You don’t have to be manipulate a girls mind to get her attracted to you. Focus on changing into a better and attractive you. That’s what works.
  • She’ll be Chasing you For Sex Advice – Again it is very rare that women will approach men. It’s a man’s job to do the approaching. That is how she figures out how much of a man that guy is. If that guy doesn’t even have enough balls to approach her, then what else is there?


What are the characteristics that you should look for when looking for dating advice that is legit?

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Here are some of things that can tell you if that dating advice for men is useful…

1) Thinking – Changing the way you think is integral on changing your success with dating with women.

If you THINK that witty pickup lines is going to get you to close the deal then you’re wrong. Sure you can probably get her to chat with you but it can all go downhill from there.

You have to change your behavior, your mindset, your thoughts towards dating, attraction and courtship.

2) Action – Hey, you’re maybe “thinking” that you’re already changing your way of thought but that’s just the first step.

You also need to change the way you act.

Note:  You must be thinking that this is all hard work and with all these CHANGING about thoughts and actions will make you NOT yourself.

Truth is we’re bringing you towards your BEST SELF.

Come to think of it, if you are afraid to change because you believe that you want women to get attracted to you by being “just you” then think again. It lead you through frustrations.

You can get women to get attracted to you by being you. What we’re saying is you can better yourself.

You may or may have realized this but chasing women… won’t get you women. So all those time courting her through text messages, calls, gifts, and spending time to be with her doesn’t work. Women want men that go for their goals. They want men who have passion and ambition. This kind of trait is probably one of the most attractive characteristic that a man can have to automatically attract women to them.

To sum it all up, dating advice that works doesn’t just give you lines and the knowhow. Great dating advice shows you how to build a character by giving you the proper mindset and also shows you the right techniques and tactics to get her attracted to you.

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