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How To Date Sexy Asian Women

If you’d like to know how to meet, date, attract and seduce sexy asian women… then we suggest you to keep an eye on Dean Cortez’s Secrets of Dating Asian Women.

I think you’ve known our friend Dean for quite some time now. He’s been helping us with some high quality dating advices on how we can get the women of our dreams. If you’re new to him then you can check out some of his contributed articles on our site such as: How To Pick Up Strippers, How to Date Younger Women.

Date Sexy Asian Women

If you’ve looking for the “love of your life” especially coming from an asian girl but been having no luck then this is definitely for you. The Secrets of Dating Asian Women program will provide you with everything you need to know about where to meeting, attracting, and seducing asian women. If you want an asian gf then this will come in handy.

The thing that is most interesting with this program is that the creator, Dean Cortez has worked and been with sexy asian women majority of his life. He had relationships with companies operating in Asian countries such as in the Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, etc. You can be sure that what you see, hear, and read in this program is as real as it gets.

date sexy asian women

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If you’ve ever been with the company of sexy asian women then you surely know how different they are from girls from the west. Non-Asian girls are more outgoing and very open about new ideas, provocative.

Sexy Asian women though are much more feminine. Maybe you’ll find them much more caring. the thing is, it is in their nature to be more welcoming. You can always feel the love with their every move.

A lot general information about attracting women can be found inside the program. The real advantage is that it gives you the specific tools, mindset, techniques, and strategies on how you can go on about attract asian women.

Secrets of Dating Asian Women will give you the information that you need about how you can talk to these asian women, and how you can get them attracted to you. You will know more about their culture, their traditions, backgrounds, and the emotional and sexual buttons that you need to push in order to further attract and seduce her.

There is also a part inside the program that demands you to get into the real you and to really know what type of woman that you are really going for. To know what she may look like and to know her attitude and behavior would be like.

What most guys do is they just pursue just about any woman that they see and find attractive. Sometimes this is a lose end because somewhere along the way you may not be as attracted to her because you were just in for her because of her physical looks.

Knowing yourself and know exactly what type of women you are looking for will definitely help you find the woman of your dreams. Your lines, your words, the way you handle your body will be in line with the women that you are looking for. It would be much easier for you guys to meet and attract each other if your values and her values are almost the same.

This program is surely one of the best resource for meeting, attracting, seducing, and dating Asian Women.

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Secrets of Dating Asian Women

How To Get Laid More Often

Let me tell you something that will help you get laid more often.

Always keep in mind that getting rid of every trace of doubt in a woman’s mind is crucial to getting her to your bed.

This is because women will think of any form of excuse to avoid you when they don’t feel comfortable being with you.

how to get laid tonight

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Well, here’s something you’d want to take note of when dating women.

Get Laid Tonight

Offering to pick up your date on the first day is definitely a no when you just met her. This is very understandable because most people would want to disclose their address to people they barely know.

Another reason is that she might have encountered a guy that stalked her or at least knew someone who’s experienced this.

So don’t jump into any conclusions that she’s very eager to get picked up at her home like what you see in the movies.

Now what you’re going to do here is to suggest that you meet up with her in front of your place. Settle on an agreement on what time to meet so you two will go out to the venue together. This place could be at a coffee shop, a restaurant, a bar, etc.

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This approach would work mainly because of these reasons:

A) She won’t have to ask for directions on how to get to your date spot. She wouldn’t have to go through the hassle of getting lost.

B) She might want to get an idea of what your home looks like. Well, technically, you just gave her a chance to check out your place by offering to meet her at the front so we’re all good.

So what do you do next when your date shows up at the front of your home?

Well here’s the trick, go ask her whether or not she wants to go along with you on your ride, or if she’d want to take her own and follow your car to the venue. Whichever option she takes is irrelevant as you’re still be going with her either way.

The next thing you’ll have to do is act like you need to go back to your house. Pretend that you need to get some stuff for a sec .

Then go INVITE her to hang around in your house for a bit while you act like you’re looking for something.

Now that she’s at your living room or whatever part of your house, you’ve achieved an IMPORTANT milestone; get her to familiarize herself inside your home.

This is very crucial. At the end of the day, after things go smoothly at your date, you’ll have an easier time in getting her to come over.

You’ve given her a good impression of your pad (given that it is neat and clean) and she’ll feel a lot more comfortable when heading back to your home.

Having done this tons of times before I can attest that you can get laid more often and I can also assure you that this makes a difference when trying to pull a woman to your house. So don’t hesitate to ask her to hang around your home a bit before the date.

Let me give you some facts about my previous exploits in getting women to come over:

  • On all the dates that I didn’t do this, the probability of having her come over would be around 48%.
  • And whenever I use this simple technique, the probability of her coming over would increase drastically at around 92%! Whenever this happens, I’d know what to do next. (My way of closing is all covered in the Persuasion Program)

The key here is getting rid of her UNCERTAINTY.

This is a big deal for women. Unlike girls, guys would go on great lengths to get laid with a smoking hot girl.

So girls are most likely to make up lame excuses to avoid going to your place just because you didn’t let them familiarize themselves at your home. Women need assurance that your home looks neat and is a place that they can picture themselves getting comfortable in.

Getting her to take a peek of your home’s interiors will give you a solid chance of closing the deal after your date.

Still not convinced? Well this is just a small part of the things we have in store for you. You’ll get to learn tons of techniques. These will help you become more successful with women and will make you get laid more often. Just download our exclusive attraction and seduction stuff below…

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