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Want to Know the Secret to Take a Girl Home?

By Rob Judge (Guest Writer)

Today I want to know, “How do you make your move on a girl?” I know how I make mine, but it wasn’t always obvious. It may sound ridiculous, but there was time when making a move felt like disarming a ticking time bomb—one wrong move and ka-pow! I was always afraid I’d detonate a girl’s temper and the entire interaction would blow up in my face.

How To Get A One Night Stand

While that attitude didn’t win me any girlfriends or lovers, it did teach me this: successfully making a move on a girl is a lot like working with ticking explosives. Let me explain…

If you’re anything like I was, you probably know you should make a move, but you talk yourself out of it. You wait, you hesitate, you procrastinate, and then you find yourself in the friend zone or with a girl who’s no longer interested. Later you kick yourself, “If I’d just made my move, I know I could’ve had her!” Then you meet a new girl and repeat the same mistakes with her. (Don’t worry; I know firsthand how viciously frustrating this cycle can be!)

Though, simply knowing that you should make a move is not enough. When you’re convincing yourself NOT to do something, you may be your own worst enemy—but you’re also your best negotiator. You know exactly how to convince yourself NOT to do something, and so you’ll keep doing what you’ve always done…unless you have an outside force acting on you to change.

To get over your sexual anxiety, you cannot trust yourself to “just do it”—you have to force yourself to do it. You have to bind yourself to the decision that, “I like this girl and I’m going to make a move on her—whether it feels comfortable or not.” Can you accept that? Are you ready to enjoy a life filled with passionate interactions with the women you’re attracted to?

If so, I introduce you to…

The Ticking Time Bomb of Sexual Ecstasy!

The steps are very simple, and forcing yourself to follow the steps is even simpler. Essentially, you set up a date with a girl—ideally pick a place close to where you live. Then, you leave some “time bomb” in your house or apartment that requires you return within 1 to 2 hours of meeting your date.

Make sure your time bomb is something serious—potentially even something that could cause “damage” if you leave it unattended after 1 to 2 hours. Here are some suggestions:

1.) Give your dog way too much water so you will absolutely need take it for a walk within an hour or so (if you’re gone for too long, the dog will pee all over your place)
2.) Prepare a meal or snack that requires you place it in a hot oven for an hour (if you’re gone for too long, the house might burn down)

3.) Set all your alarm clocks (or even your burglar alarm) to go off (if you don’t return, your neighbors will call the cops)

You get the drift. Get creative with your “ticking time bomb”—just make sure it’s not some wimpy excuse that you can easily ignore and continue to spend long hours with her, without inviting her back to your place. Personally, my favorite “time bombs” are ones that involve an activity you and her can enjoy together (like a meal you cooked)… so bonus points if you can keep your time bomb as “romantic” as possible.

This is a very simple tip, but one that most guys need to implement to achieve the love life they desire. If I had to cite the two biggest improvements to my game, they’d be: 1.) getting over my approach anxiety, and 2.) getting over my sexual escalation anxiety. Unfortunately, it’s easier for most guys to get over their approach anxiety than their sexual anxiety. Simply asking for a female opinion is a lot more comfortable than asking a girl to come home with you.

However, I promise you that if you can get over this fear of sexual escalation, you can multiply the number of girls you attract by a factor beyond your wildest imagination. While this little tidbit covers how to ask a girl to come home with you, my book “The 4 Elements of Game” covers every aspect of the interaction—from opening to making her your girlfriend, and everything in between. If you want an elite knowledge of attraction and dating that will put you in a position to meet, attract, seduce, and date your dream girl, check out this page: The 4 Elements of Game

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10 Tips on How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back

Get to know simple ways on how to get your ex girlfriend back.

How To Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back

How to Get your Ex Girlfriend Back

10. Let her know that you are there for her

If you want to know the first few steps on how to get your ex back, then realize that the best way to accomplish it is by showing her you’re still a potential lover. So go ahead, reach out and touch her! It’s that plain and simple. It’s not a good idea to play too hard to get at this time. Besides, she probably has many men courting her anyway. I know it sucks.

9. Stay connected in some way

I remember when I broke up with a girl way back in 1999. Some years afterwards, I started to miss her but didn’t have the means to actually find if not contact her. It was because I did not have a regular e-mail address back in those early days, let alone have my ex’s e-mail as well. Stay in touch in some way. I’m not saying go send her some love poems, but you could show her some thoughtfulness by sending her pictures, snippets of articles, or a casual buzz saying “hey, what’s up?”

8. Cut out gaming other women for the meantime

Bad idea on how to get your ex back. Don’t think that by making her jealous you could make her crawl back to your feet. I know it’s tempting but cut out seeing other women seriously for now. She may understand you dating some other girls or maybe even kiss them after a first date, but don’t go any further.

7. Don’t forget special dates, please.

Unless you’re in Hollywood or a mega-pornstar like Jimmy Dean, don’t play Joe Cool by forgetting to call her on important dates that mean to her. A good way on how to get your ex girlfriend back is by making her feel special and thought of by sending her a card, especially on her birthday. It’d be better if it’s something personal. If not, send her an e-card.

6. Call her every once in a while

It’s a subtle way of saying “I still think of you and I want to let you know that.” It’s exceptionally sweet for them to see an unexpected call from you every once in a while. She’d be much more at peace if she knew what was up in your life rather than her imagining you’re doing it with someone else. Wink.

5. Be a great listener

Make good eye contact. Pause and don’t interrupt. Listen as if every word was hanging at the balance of her lips. You’ll make her feel extremely valued and respected and she’ll remember that for sure.

4. Become unattached and just chill if she’s seeing other men

One of the best ways to know and understand how to get your ex back is by simply remaining cool and unattached with whatever is the outcome of the situation. You’ll always play your cards right that way. But at the same time, if you want to learn if she’s still up with getting back with you is by noticing subtle cues with the responses she is giving when she is around other guys. Is she standing up for you? Or is she bashing you out still? Is she flirtatious with her other male friends or shy and reserved? Do this but don’t be like a stalker.

3. Leave game playing to kids

Understand that you’re trying to know how to get your ex back and that game playing and anything remotely near that is not going to work. You should show the correct intention if you want to become successful. So please, no game playing for now!

2. Don’t let go of the last three aces

Remember, you’re the man in the relationship and in being so you must never, ever, ever let go of the “L” bomb. Unless, you’re engaged or been seeing each other for a long while now. Don’t ever give her the chance to claim the power that is only meant for you. After all, you are meant to lead the relationship, not her. Show interest that you want to get back with her, but don’t give it all away.

1. Continue to invest in yourself all the time

Alongside with being unattached, focus your energies on developing yourself and growing as a person. However, you’re not doing this for her but mainly for your own improvement and happiness. Strangely enough, this is one of the most powerful ways on how to get your ex girlfriend back for good. Why? It would make her regret the stupidest decision she had ever made in her life. You’re out living life to the fullest and she’s out of the limelight hoping and wishing you’d get back with her.

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