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What’s Inside Love Systems’ Date! The Complete Home Study Course

Time is short, so I’ll get right to the point. I want to help you be amazing on dates. From how and when to ask her out to preventing flaking, from planning a date that’s guaranteed to end “physically” to the differences between dating a “7” or a “10” – I want you to have the confidence that you can get any woman you go on a date with.

Date! The Complete Home Study Course by Love Systems

I know this is controversial. Almost every guy thinks he is better at dates than he is. I was the same way. Before I learned how to attract beautiful women, the only women I got dates with were desperate or had known me for a long time. They didn’t care that my “date game” was terrible – so I mistakenly thought it was good!

WRONG. Every time I had a breakthrough in terms of attracting women, my date game had to catch up. It’s the worst feeling in the world to get a woman’s number who you know would be perfect for you, and know that you’ll probably mess it up before things go anywhere. Especially since dates are the worst time to fail. If you flub an approach, it costs you 15 seconds. If you invest a night in meeting a woman and another night in a date with her, and the date fails… well, you’ve lost two whole nights, plus however much phone and text game you were doing in the meantime.

For the same reason, it’s really hard to learn how to be good at dates by yourself. If you hang around bars or coffee shops this weekend, you can probably approach 50 women. That’s 50 opportunities to practice approaching and to learn from experience and draw conclusions. You can get a lot better very quickly. With dates, most men don’t go on 50 dates in an entire year. It would take decades to get the same experience.

This was one of the big reasons why Nick Hoss (voted the #1 dating coach in the world in 2011), Daniel Vercetti (#1 in 2010), Mr. M, and Nick Savoy decided that what the Love Systems community needed next was a complete and user-friendly course on dates. (Though this was just one of the reasons… e.g., Nick Hoss had his own reason, as a Day Game expert. To be good at day game you need to be good at dates, since it’s much rarer to take a woman home in the daytime – normally your best odds with day game are to get her number and then meet up that night… for a date).

I don’t get carried away too often, but I’m really excited by what these three Master Instructors produced. Some products are hellish to edit and produce, and there are a couple in there where I pretty much had to do all the work. Not this one. Date! The Complete Home Study Course is just FULL of insights and “omg moments.” But, enough about me. Let’s get to the facts:

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DATE! The Complete Home Study Course

  • Created by Nick Hoss, Vercetti, and Mr. M. Also includes bonus infield audio, video, and commentary from Braddock, Darwin (you guys remember ‘Pounders’ right? We renamed him.), and me.
  • Ships as of right now, August 16th.
  • Includes 3 separate “foundation” books, a workbook with 44 targeted exercises to make you a dating master and ensure you don’t just learn the material – you use it, 6+ hours of audio (including Playboy Playmates talking about the differences when dating “10”s), infield audio, video, commentary, an optional 9-week dating CLASS taught by Nick Hoss personally, and lots more.

Date! includes:

  • Never fumble again – your personal “cheat sheet” with 10 examples on how to turn any phone call into a date.
  • How to plan a date that makes you stand out – I guarantee that you’ve never thought of most of these “Master Instructor Secret” date ideas.
  • 4 new ways to keep dates exciting and sexualized every time, and how to plan a date so it’s virtually guaranteed to end physically – without being sleazy.
  • How to use frames and flip the script so that you’re the prize.
  • How to recognize and avoid dates that won’t help you reach your relationship goals (e.g., dinner and movie – I explain why).
  • The one (deceptively simple) mindset change that most men fail to make and that will instantly improve your dating success.
  • How to avoid the “friend zone” or being the “dating and waiting” provider/orbiter.
  • How to adapt date ideas to any lifestyle and geography.
  • 3 Hollywood myths that hold men back, and how to crush them.
  • The best night for a date – over 90% of guys get this wrong.
  • How to use emotional momentum to your advantage (a major advantage if you’ve read Magic Bullets).
  • 6 ways to build a connection – quickly – with anyone.
  • How dates within your social circle are different and key rules you must know.
  • Advanced: when and why YOU should “flake” or cancel on dates. (Not to lose the girl – sometimes you have to flake or cancel to get her!)
  • 4 crucial rules to refine your wardrobe without breaking the bank.
  • How to organize your living space so it’s perfect for seduction (without being cheesy).
  • 3 ways to re-spark attraction at the beginning of the date (especially if you made out or hooked up the first time you met).
  • How to escalate quickly and recognize opportunities for “shortcuts.”
  • How to make sure you NEVER run out of things to say – even if you end up trapped in an elevator with her for 5 hours (this happened to a client)!
  • When and how to go for the kiss – and it’s much earlier than you think.
  • How to escalate sexually without rejection or being cheesy.
  • How to turn things around if she’s hesitating in the bedroom.
  • Advanced: how to adjust your game when dating “10s” vs. the girl next door.
  • And lots, lots more (we’ve literally been working on this for over 3 years).

Anyways, here’s the deal. Date! ships this right now. As of this moment! Because there’s an interactive component and because of external licenses on some of the audio and infield videos, we’re only putting 500 spots out there. If previous Love Systems launches are any guide, there’s going to be a crew of guys sitting at their computers hitting refresh every few seconds so they get their spot.

Your dating life will – literally – never be the same. Bold claims, I know, but I’m convinced that Date! will back them up.

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Love Systems: Date! The Complete Home Study Course

Have you heard about Date!? The Complete Home Study Course by of Love Systems about Dating. Here are some questions that are sent about Date!

Date! The Complete Home Study Course by Love Systems

Date! The Complete Home Study Course

1. What does “Date!” cover?

Everything about dates, obviously. Asking her out. Preventing flaking. Planning the logistics so your date will end physically. Comfort-building. Sexualization. And so on.

But Date! goes beyond that, covering fashion, female psychology, frame control, and other related topics. As well as (through the bonuses) two infield recordings – one day game and one at a nightclub.

2. Who is “Date!” for?

Date! is designed for three different sorts of men:

  • If you are not going on as many dates as you want to, AND/OR
  • If you are not consistently getting physical by (at the most) the second date, AND/OR
  • If you’d like to be dating more desirable women than you do now.

The reasons for the first two are obvious. The last reason is because the more desirable your “attraction game” gets the better your “date game” needs to be. We see this with our long-term mentoring clients all the time – every time they move on to higher-quality women, they need to work on their date game to keep up. Date game that is good enough for the girl next door won’t impress a woman who is more in demand.

Dating is also crucial if you do day game – since day game usually ends with a phone number and a date. That’s one reason Nick Hoss (the prince of day game) pushed so hard for Date! to be the next Love Systems achievement.

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3. Who is on “Date!”?

The three headliners are Nick Hoss (voted the #1 pick up artist and dating coach in 2011), Vercetti (#1 in 2010) and Mr. M. Also contributing were Dante, Braddock, Farmer, myself, and others. It’s by far the most talented cast that’s ever been assembled for one course.

4. Dating is different in different ares of the world. Will it work on where I live?

If you live somewhere where it’s forbidden to go on unchaperoned dates, like Saudi Arabia, then Date! probably isn’t for you. Otherwise, you’ll be fine. The Love Systems instructors involved in Date! have taught and tested the material in North and South America, Europe, and East Asia.

5. Can I try it out and see if it works for me?

Of course. At any time within 30 days of your order, if you don’t think it was worth every penny you invested, send me an email and you’ll get it all back.

6. When will “Date!” be released?

Date is now open and released to the public! We don’t know how many slots will be available but to make sure that you have a chance, grab a copy now HERE.

Right now Thursday August 16th. At 8am Pacific Time (Los Angeles). That’s 11am in New York City, 4pm in London, and 1am on Friday in Sydney.

7. How does the interactive course work?

First off, the extended interactive course is optional. You can get everything I’ve been talking about in this email for about 90% off the full course price.

Okay – about the course. You’ll have several weeks to practice and work through the multimedia components, lessons, and exercises. Then we kick things off with a series of interactive webinars, One on One phone consultations with Nick Hoss himself, on-demand email support (replies within 24 hours!) also with Nick Hoss himself, the missions, “homework,” etc.

Think of it like having Nick Hoss as your personal mentor during the entire 2+ month course – at a fraction of what it would cost to do even a single 1-1 with him.

8. 500 Copies? Why? For real? Can I reserve a copy?

Yes, 500 copies. There are a few license issues with some of the audio and video components (especially the infield and Playboy stuff), but those are probably solvable. What isn’t solvable is that there’s only one Nick Hoss, and there are only so many hours in a day for him to do the interactive course consultations.

We’re not allowing preorders. Hope this answers your question(s). For more information just click the weird yellow button below.

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