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Psychology Of Attraction

Learning the science of attraction between how men and women become attracted to each other could give us some valuable insight as to how to increase our chances in attracting the opposite sex in the dating and mating game.

Psychology of attraction - attract women

Psychology of Attraction

A sociologist from The University of Notre Dame named Elizabeth McClintock studied how physical looks and age affects men’s selection of a partner as well as how status and income affects women.

Physical attractiveness in young adults was given a study as to how it affects sexual and romantic outcomes in relationships. Meaning, how looks could affect a person’s sexual activity, number of partners, relationship status as well as how early in the relationship people with looks have sex with their partners. The results of McClintock’s experiment reveal that it’s not all about looks alone, but that men and women have their own set of preferences that influence their choices in the matching and dating game.

The conclusion is that partner selection in the young adult or premarital dating market is influenced mainly on trading one’s physical attractiveness (women) for one’s high status and income (men). Whether we like it or not, we as a human species make either conscious or unconscious choices in the dating and mating game based on these two factors: status for men and beauty for women.

It is also interesting to note that the experiment showed women don’t just trade their high beauty for a man’s thick wallet. The psychology of attraction results say that these women also expect exclusive commitment and sexual restriction from the guy.

This psychology of attraction means that women of high beauty don’t go for casual sex type of relationships. They know their beauty has high value and they use that as power to expect a committed relationship with his partner. They know their beauty is hard to find so they expect men who try to attract them to not only have the resources but the intention to remain committed to her as well. To a greater extent, they also use this beauty or power to restrict a guy from making sexual advances. It was found in McClintock’s experiment that women of high beauty are less likely to have sex with men in the first few instances of dating them.

Another valuable finding is that number of sexual partners decrease in a woman who has high physical attractiveness. Men, on the other hand, have more sexual partners if they are more physically attractive. Weight affects women more than men in the attractiveness scale. On a consistent basis, almost all women of high beauty are thin and slim.

So with these findings, McClintock has rejected some results of an unpublished study about the cliché stereotype of the “trophy wife” mentality—like the Donald Trump and Melina Krauss type couple.

McClintock says that, “The tradeoff between beauty and status is not only when men and women decide to get married or are engaged, but this kind of selection mechanism is already working in every man or woman in the premarital dating world.”

In the end, she concludes that, “Money and looks have an undeniable advantage in the mating and dating game.”

Some points to also ponder about that were missed by previous research but are also important to note are: Men with high status are also physically attractive in general. They do go hand in hand. Maybe it’s because men of status can afford more ways to take care of their health and appearance and thus look more attractive.

Similarity is the strongest force in the partner selection world. McClintock’s research ultimately shows that the vast majority of people select partners whom they regard as their equal – Equal in terms of attractiveness, status and similarity.

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