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Stunning Health Advantages of Sex

Your health may be at danger if you’re not having enough sex. The Science of Attraction suggests that the shocking answer to that is, “Yes.”

Health Benefits of Sex

Many people find that to be surprising says Joy Davidson, PhD, a New York psychologist and sex therapist. “The media is studded with anything and everything with regards to sex,” she says. “The Problem with that in some cases is that most people feel branded as only being sexual creatures. They feel a little awkward and embarrassed about how the media has portrayed both men and women with regards to sex.  The only way for them to think that the idea of sex is OK, is for them to be informed about the physical and psychological health benefits of sex and how it can almost immediately enhance anyone’s life.”

According to Davidson and other experts, sex does amazing results to boost one’s health. Mind you, these benefits aren’t just anecdotal or hearsay—All of these are backed by solid research.

Sex Relieves Stress

Feel relaxed after intercourse? Of course you do! And that’s a great feeling to be at. Scientists report that most men and women feel a sensation of peace and tranquility after sex. It’s basically a result of lowered blood pressure and overall stress reduction. Sex leads to an overall feeling of content and satisfaction, according to a group of researchers from Scotland. To back it with proof, they took a study of 24 women and 22 men keeping their records of sexual activity and reported it into a journal called the Biological Psychology.

The results were surprising and wonderful to note. One result showed that those subjects who had intercourse often had more posture, confidence and overall less stress during stressful situations and activities like public speaking and verbal arithmetic. (Blood pressure to stress also seemed to be lower.)

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Sex boosts immunity

Have you ever seen women or men who just seem to be beaming with pride and confidence? Have you ever noticed girls whenever they look even more gorgeous, charming and sexy? Chances are they are getting a healthy dosage of sex. And sex, can really mean better physical health.

A particular antibody called the immunoglobulin A or IgA is responsible for protecting you from getting colds and other infections. Having sex often, around once or twice a week, can give you higher levels of IgA. A sample of 112 college students was taken into study by scientists at the Wilkes University in Wilkes-Barre, Pa., about the frequency of sex that these college students had. They took samples of saliva and noted that those in the “frequent” group—once or twice a week—had higher levels of IgA than those in the other three groups. If you’re not having sex often—once every two weeks or once a month or none at all than your part of those people who have lowered immune systems. Start having more sex right now!

Sex Burns Calories

Sex is a wonderful way to burn calories. Your metabolism goes off the roof and you can really sweat profusely at times of intense sex. Scientific data say that 30 minutes of sex burns around 85 calories, maybe even more. It may not sound much but think of it this way…are you really counting how many hours or minutes you perform the deed? Do it often and regularly and you don’t need to have a calorie tracker or exercise watch by your side. Frequent sex adds up to increased state of resting metabolic rate—how much your body burns at rest. For example, 42 half-hour sessions will burn 3,750 calories, that’s more than enough to lose a pound. Depending on your frequency, you can shorten the amount of time it takes to burn that fat in 21 hour-long sessions.

Patti Britton, PhD, a Los Angeles sexologist and president of the American Association of Sexuality Educators and Therapists says that “Sex is a great mode of exercise.” Adding to that she says, “It takes work, attention and focus to perform, both in a physical and psychological perspective, sex well.”

“And if you’re not having enough, it may serve against you” says Benjamin Klein, head researcher. The Science of Attraction reveals these findings in these short video. Watching it can help people have more casual sex if they don’t have a partner to have sex with.

Sex improves heart health

Let’s dispel the myth: Sex doesn’t have anything to do with stroke! Such a claim is nonsense and a blasphemy against sex. According to a study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health by some researchers from England, they found that 914 men whom they followed for 20 years were not affected by their frequency of sex in relation to having stroke.


There’s more. Other heart health benefits of sex showed a reduce of risk in fatal heart attacks compared to those who had sex less than once a month or less frequent sex.

Sex boosts Self-Esteem

Don’t you feel good when people are willing to engage in an intimate act with you? That’s exactly the reason why most people, according to a study, choose to have more sex often. It boosts their self-esteem and makes them more confident and assured. A study collected and published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior by the University of Texas found that one of the 237 reasons why people have sex is basically this—to boost their self-esteem.

This result or finding confirms the observations Gina Ogden, PhD, a sex therapist and marriage, family therapist in Cambridge, MC. “People feel good about themselves whenever they have sex,” she tells WebMD, “even for those who have a good sense of self-esteem have sex to feel even better.” “If you truly engage in sex with yourself feeling more connected and loving, you’ll bring your sex life to a whole new level. Plus the fact that if you have a healthy self-esteem for yourself the better the sex is because you’re not codependent upon others to dictate your own self-worth.”

Sex Helps You Sleep Better

Why of course it does! Science shows that whenever one has an orgasm, an endorphin called oxytocin is released.  According to research, oxytocin promotes better sleep health.

Maintaining a Healthy Weight and blood pressure are all crucial but only when you have enough sleep. And not just any sleep, a sleep leaving you feeling satisfied, content and happy after a healthy performance under the sheets.

If you’ve ever had trouble having “enough” sex – don’t worry!

One of the ways to start spicing up your sexual life is by first learning how to attract a girl.  From there, you’ll find these studies, findings, and sex techniques more useful. Benjamin Klein is the lead researcher of Pandora’s Box. He has a video summary of his research right here!

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Secrets of Female Psychology

Let us discuss Female Psychology. It is an understatement to say that the Female Mind is a mystery. Of all the Famous Philosophers, Poets and Great Men of History all agree upon the fact that: women are baffling.

To quote a famous philosopher of our modern time, Stephen Hawking had said, “Women. They are a complete mystery.”

Even a great scientist, theorist and thinker such as him are lost with hifalutin words to describe women and the female psychology.

Life can be truly difficult if we don’t know how to deal and relate with women. Our lack of understanding and knowledge of female psychology can be the only thing that stops us from wanting women to actually having them in our arms.

There is some hope of course. As men it is our duty to discover how to attract a girl as we go through life. More and more, the treasures and keys that would unlock the mystery of the female mind would be unlocked…and you are about to know some of them right now.Female Psychology Loophole

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Female Psychology Secrets

Women want to be emotionally swept away, not just impressed.

All of us men had made the mistake of trying too hard to impress a girl. We think that by dazzling her with our footwork and with the amount of esoteric knowledge we know, we would get her to like us. Unfortunately those who take this approach end up being friend-zoned most of the time. If this is the problem, it usually means a lack of emotional connection has not yet taken place. Women respond more to emotions, feelings and empathy.

Men on the other hand, however, are rather more left brained and respond more to logic and facts. One simple way to make her drawn to you is by telling stories. Everybody loves a good story.  But for women, it has an even more special impact on their feelings and way of being. If you can make them feel strong emotions of sorrow, pain, joy and laughter, chances are they would always want to open up to you, communicate often with you and hear you speak.

Women rely on you to make them comfortable

Silence can tell if a woman is truly comfortable with you. Try not talking for a minute or two and see if there any amount of awkwardness in between. Usually there is. But if you can make her laugh at the end of a long silence, chances are you got it made. Build up this comfort level the first moment you spend time together and avoid awkwardness at all costs because women hate it the most. If you do that, you’re always in the position to become someone she could trust and open up to.

Women are as horny, if not more, as men.

Believe it or not, all women and I mean ALL women—if given the chance, are all freaks underneath the bed sheets! This proves the fact that women really do love sex! It just doesn’t show on the outside and I’ll tell you why: Women compartmentalize their sexual thinking. She keeps it labeled under the file cabinet called “Emotions” and locks it away until someone with the right combination comes along. The great news is the combination is almost all the same for most women. If you know how to unlock this, nothing would stop you from reaching a deeper and more intimate communication not just sexually but also emotionally.

Women want to be high on your priority list; but not higher than your definite main purpose.

It is a characteristic of a woman to test and see how she ranks in your priority list. She does this often, intently and almost invariably. Whether or not she is conscious or unconscious in playing mind games with you the key here is to be unattached. Keep her ay bay but don’t show a flinch or leeway that you could be swayed by her from your mission unless you want to make her feel an unexplainable feeling of being turned “off” (has anyone had these?). Women completely fall head over heels for men with unshakable passion towards a goal and that’s what you want to be.

Women don’t want you to try too hard to look perfect.

While women really do appreciate your efforts in pleasing and even impressing her: how to attract a girl means being truly being genuine and completely authentic. You don’t have to be WonderBoy. Just as long as you don’t sleep with anyone who comes along, knows how to take the lead, is humble, and has certain qualities that other women like her also find attractive in you, you’ll be good. She’ll be even more attracted because of your desirability with other women and yet she knows that you chose her out of all of them.

Not too long ago, solving the perplexity of the female psyche is like trying to comprehend species from another planet. Until the Science of Attraction has revealed a recent discovery of a mind reading tool, made by a group of sex researchers that could tell what a woman is thinking in just 3 easy everyday questions.


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